Electric Cars with Solar Roof

Where  Angels  fear  to  tread  !


Just came across following news in Economic Times ( 18 June ) :



Oil PSUs plan to add 25,000 Petrol Pumps




Highlights :


*    There are already 57,000  State-run retail outlets

*    6,000 pumps are run by private companies

*    HPCL / BPCL / IOC to appoint new dealers after 4 years





*   Investment in existing 57,000 pumps is approx. Rs 6.5 LAKH*CRORE


*   At this rate , those 25,000 NEW petrol pumps might need an investment of Rs 3



*   Such a huge proposed investment on part of HPCL / BPCL / IOC , seems awfully risky

in light of the following  developments around the corner  :



#   India is on a crash course to switch over to Electric Vehicles by 2030 ( 6

million by 2022 )



#   Indian Auto Industry is planning an investment of Rs 58,000 crores in the next

2years ( mostly for manufacture of EV / Lithium-ion Batteries and Battery

Charging Stations )




#    ABB has announced a Battery Flash Charging Technology which can fully recharge

a battery in 8 minutes or even 5 minutes !


As fast as filling up your tank with petrol !


    [  Ref : We have fast-chargers, come up with better batteries: ABB to manufacturers



              with-better-batteries-abb-to-manufacturers/article24186896.ece  ]

  #    Indian and Foreign manufacturers have come up with Battery Charging Stations

        which draw their power from their own Solar Panel covered roof !

   [  https://myblogepage.blogspot.com/2018/05/roof-top-solar-better-alternative.html ]

 #    Ashok Leyland, in collaboration with PHINERGY  ( www.Phinergy.com ) of Israel , is

       working on Electric Vehicles powered by Metal-Air ( Alu ) batteries which do NOT

       require re-charging like the Lithium-ion Batteries !

  [ https://myblogepage.blogspot.com/2018/01/ashok-leyland-is-not-waiting.html ]


  #   And last , but not least , some companies are frantically working to come up with

       Electric Cars which need no Battery Charging Stations !

       These cars have roof tops which are covered with Solar Panels , which continuously

       charge a small Lithium-ion Battery !

       And such a car costs no more than Rs 12.6 Lakhs , what EESL paid to TATA and

       M&M for traditional Electric cars  ( yet to be delivered since some ministries have

       not found time in last 12 months to lay down the “ specifications “ for those battery

       charging stations ! )

       I urge our Policy Makers to give up the idea of “ Traditional TESLA type Electric Cars

       “ and encourage Indian Manufacturers to go for SONO type cars

       By modifying  the  FAME Scheme  subsidy as follows :

       *  For TESLA type traditional cars      >   Existing Rs 1.4 lakh

       *  For SONO type solar roof top cars  >    Rs 5 lakh

       This simple measure will ensure no need for Battery Charging Stations !

        There is no better way to divert that Rs 3 Lakh*crore ( for 25,000 new Petrol

        Pumps ) than to use it for the enhanced subsidy as described above !

       [ Ref : https://sonomotors.com/sion.html/


If you are wondering why petrol prices in India are nearly DOUBLE of those in our

neighbouring countries, now you have the answer !


19  June  2018

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Connecting  the  News



On face of it , the following news appear “ unrelated “

Crank up or perish, BMC tells BEST


Highlights :

*   The number of daily travellers of BEST buses in Mumbai has dropped from 42 lakh (

     per day ) to 25 lakh . BEST’s annual loss is about Rs 900 crore and its accumulated

     loss is over Rs 5,000 crore .  BEST will need Rs 10,000 crore in the next 5 / 6 years

    for its existing operations . 

    BEST’s running cost is Rs 107 per Km ( for its diesel buses ) whereas Greater

    Hyderabad Municipal Corporation , just signed a lease agreement for Electric Buses at

    Rs  8.7 per Km  !

   [ Ref : https://myblogepage.blogspot.com/2018/05/ev-electricvehicles-eesl-   wetlease.html  ]




Mumbai: Price capping for your taxi and auto rides to be delayed further


Highlights :

*  During peak hours , UBER / OLA charge a “ surge price “ which is 4 to 5 times the normal price !

Khatua Panel – 2016 ( which reviewed the recommendations of Hakim Panel – 2012 ) wants this limited to 2.5 times ( still taking advantage of the fact that the citizens do not have a faster / cheaper / better alternative ! )

Dutch may soon get paid for cycling to work


Highlights :

One innovative idea is to compensate employees for cycling to work, with Van Veldhoven proposing a reimbursement of 19 cents ( Rs 15 ) per kilometre cycled from home and back

Van Veldhoven is to discuss the proposal and other ways of promoting bicycle use

through fiscal rewards such as subsidies to buy bicycles ” with major national employers

and small and medium enterprises,” her ministry said in a statement.


More than half of people’s daily trips in the Netherlands are less than 7.5 kilometres and


more than half live less than 15 kilometres from work.



“With the development of the electric bicycle, this distance can easily be covered,” the


ministry added, saying nearly 100 million euros have been budgeted to increase bicycle


roads and its parking space.





Now , let us assume that Mumbaikars travel 10 km each way to and from work place

That is 20 km per day .

If we were to reimburse a Mumbaikar  opting to use an ELECTRIC BICYCLE , at just Rs 5 per km , he would get Rs 100 per day ( @ Rs 5 per km ) by way of reimbursement .

For 300 days in a year , they would earn Rs 30,000

Now , under FAME Scheme , government is already giving a subsidy of Rs 29,000 to a buyer of Electric Motor Cicycles

But India’s ATHERENERGY  E Bike is priced at Rs 1.09 Lakh  [ e340 model ]

That means , after the subsidy , a buyer would need to put up Rs 80,000 from his own pocket

But, in 3 years’ time , a buyer would get Rs 90,000 by way of reimbursement

Then there is a cheaper alternative in the form of :

*  a  GeoOrbital  wheel , selling for $ 1000 ( approx. Rs 70,000 ) , to be coupled to

*  a standard 26 inch bicycle ( HERO / HERCULES etc ) selling for Rs 10,000

A total of Rs 80,000 / – ( Range of 12 miles / recharge of 3 hours from domestic outlet )

I urge our Policy Makers to consider emulating the Dutch

It is high time BEST / UBER / OLA get some serious competition !

18  June  2018

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#HealthCare #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #NITIaayog

AI  for  Healthcare

Economic Times ( June 17 – 23 / 2018 ) carries an article titled :

We are committed to having AI strategy executed: Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog 


This article is discussing the implications of the discussion paper brought out by NITI Aayog , titled :

“  National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence “


AS per that paper , the strategy should focus on following sectors :

*     Education

*    Agriculture

*    Healthcare

      AI driven diagnostics in remote areas, personalized treatment , early identification of


*    Smart Cities

*    Smart Mobility

In an interview , Shri Amitabh Kant [ CEO – NITI Aayog ] said :

“  NITI is already  working on proofs of concept in healthcare and agriculture …… For this , the task force will make proper roadmaps on implementation of each pilot project . The task force will ultimately be responsible for execution “

The discussion paper notes :

In addition, the government aims at leveraging technology to improve healthcare facilities through the:

  1. a)the National eHealth Authority (NeHA) which will strategize  eHealth adoption, define standards and a framework for the health sector, put in place electronic health exchanges for interoperability
  1. b)the Integrated Health Information Program (IHIP) to provide EHR to all citizens of India and provideinteroperability to existing EHR/EMRs,
  1. c)   the  Electronic Health Record Standards  for India


How to go about collecting / compiling into a CENTRAL DATABASE , health records of

millions of sick Indians , using Electronic Health Record Standards  ?


Here is what I blogged in Jan 2018. I urge the Task Force on Healthcare  to consider :

2024 ! – V 2.0 of Orwellian 1984 ?


There are 7,000 million people on the earth

It is possible that , at any given time , some 7 million of these are lying in ICU , connected with :

*   Electroencephalogram ( Brain Monitor )

*   Electrocardiogram      ( Heart Monitor )

*   Pulse Rate Meter

*   Oxygen Level Meter

*   Glucose Level Meter……..etc

As soon as these instruments get embedded with Internet of Things ( IoT ), a central server could collect all of these ” measurements / readings ” on 24*7 basis , for all 7 million persons

Then it will combine these readings with following data about each of those 7 million persons :

*   Country / Region / City  /  Language

*   Race /  Religion  /  Gender /  Age

*   Height /  Weight  /  Colour  /  Biometrics

*   Blood Group / DNA  / Past Medical History…..etc

It will also record , who died / when  !

Using such massive data base, can BIG DATA / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning , figure out what ” Customized healthcare / Medical treatment / Supplementary diet ” should be ” prescribed ” for each human on this earth ?

Shall we support such ” Invasion of Individual Privacy ” , in the larger interest / benefit of entire mankind ?

I think , we should

18  June  2018

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#WaterCrisis #Famine #Drought

Water  Mutiny  of  2020


Will our petty politicians ever find time to read the following ?



NITI Aayog sees India headed for an aqua-calypse






Govt is ignoring key issues, water crisis: Opposition


In Delhi’s Sangam Vihar, life is sometimes cheaper than water


I foresee a future (- around June 2020 ) when those thousands of plastic bucket-carrying women and children , simply walk into the posh bungalows of Karnataka politicians and start filling up their empty vessels with precious water from their bathroom taps  !

Why wait for hours for that water tanker to reach your street and then fight with neighbours for a few drops of water ?

What would those politicians do “when” this happens ?  [ not, “ if “ this happens ! ]

Sure , they would call the local policemen. Even knock the doors of CJI

But what would those policemen do when they find out that their own wives / children are those “ stealing “ water from Shri Kumarswamy’s  bungalow ?

Will they fire bullets on their own loved ones ?

Do we see a “ History repeats itself “ type of situation ?  Albeit with a difference

Just hold on till June 2020 , when ( as per above-mentioned report of NITI Aayog ) , taps will run dry in the city of Bengaluru ( Shri Kumarswami may want to consider handing over the post of Chief Minister to the Congress Party – or even BJP ! )

That unforgettable history of what the British like to call , the “ Sainik Mutiny “ of 1857 ?

And what we , Indian citizens proud of our glorious heritage , like to call “ The First War of Independence “

It is still not too late for politicians ( belonging to all parties ) to read – and ACT :

Water Wars Are Looming !




Writing  is  on  the  Wall



Clean Drinking Water



What are “ side effects “ of Ethanol ?



Indian Water  Warriors  ?



Replicating   Nature  ?



Deja Vu ? #Latur #Marathwada #Waterwar




Need : More than an Judgement




Water Water Everywhere ? Even in Latur ?




Water Wars ?  [  08 April 2016  ]




Is Uma Bharti helpless ?  [  25   Dec  2015  ]



18  June  2018

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Is there an alternative ?

Connecting   Everything  ?


China wants to connect EVERY THING


*  Countries  (  OBOR  )



*  Power  Generating  Stations



*  Vehicles




*  Citizens





*  Currency



*   World  Trade




China is consuming nearly 50 % of the World’s STEEL and CEMENT


It has also near monopoly in RARE EARTHS ( including  Lithium  for Electric Car Batteries )


On top of this , China is buying up MINES ( of all kinds of minerals ) , in Africa , in return for heavy investment in local infrastructure projects in those African countries


Any guesses about “ What next ? “


15  June  2018

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When difficult becomes impossible !

Enforcing  is  difficult  ?


A few days back , Shri B N Srikrishna ( of committee for drafting “ DATA PROTECTION LAW “ ) . said :

“ Drafting a Data Protection Law is not so difficult but enforcing it will be very difficult  “


Why ?



First reason :

Courts will find it extremely difficult ( if not impossible ) to “ interpret “ correctly , the “ intended meaning “ of the following terms / words , likely to be used in that law :

#   Private


#   Data


#   App


#   Permission


#   Access


#   Download


#   Sign


#   Rights


#   Own


#   Personal


#   Share


#   Entity


#   Processing


#   Obligation


#   Handling


#   Collection


#   Use


[ Re: https://myblogepage.blogspot.com/2018/05/aadhar-dataprotectionlaw-privacy.html ]



Second Reason :


Technology for collecting / compiling, personal / private data of unsuspecting citizens through use of AI is expanding by the hour !


After looking at the following announcements in the past few months , I wonder if the proposed law will become “ obsolete “ by the time President signs it :



*   Facebook may start Eye Tracking




A new AI algorithm can track your movements through a Wall




Let your phone do the Seeing




Seeing AI


A free app that narrates the world around you







Privacy-invading  Apps


Emotional   Surveillance





I have a lurking suspicion that enforcing any DATA  PROTECTION  LAW is more likely to be impossible than merely difficult  !


With millions of manufacturers ( located all over the world and beyond Indian jurisdiction  ) of  ,




– who will you catch ( for alleged breaking of Data Protection Law ) , how will you prove guilt and how long might that take ?


And remember , every law that everyone gets obliged to break , on almost daily basis , and whose enforcement is impossible , gives rise to massive corruption by a tribe called “ Law Enforcement Agencies “  ! Like paying haftas for everything you do to survive !


14  June  2018

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End of Impairment ?

Currency Notes for Visually impaired  ?



Today’s Business Line carries following news :


The different dimensions to designing currency notes for visually impaired








Solutions being considered :



*   Notes should be of different sizes



*   Notes should have embossed symbols for easy identification ( like braille )



*   RBI to look into the feasibility of developing a device or mechanism to help the

visually challenged easily identify currency notes


The first two solutions are fairly simple and straightforward


But , both will require scrapping the current notes and re-printing with accepted solution


Persons opposed to “ device or mechanism “ solution say :


A very expensive proposal for a small minority


And , this solution too , may require re-printing  !


But , if the present notes have to be scrapped in any case and new ones have to be printed , I suggest following solutions which have a desirable “ bye-product “ of eliminating / reducing BLACK MONEY as well !





*  The  metallic SECURITY THREAD in the Currency Notes can be made to store the

unique SERIAL NUMBER of each currency note , AND a simple Smart Phone can read

that number and transmit that data to any government agency ( IT / ED / CVC etc )


This will be coupled with a Mobile App which will   SPEAK ALOUD  the denomination of

a note held near the currency note, using NFC / BLUE TOOTH




This is a completely electronic-free design , which means you can iron the smart fabric or put it in the washer and dryer. We are using something that already exists on a smart phone and uses almost no power, so the cost of reading this type of data is negligible


The team also demonstrated that the magnetized fabric could be used to interact with a smart phone while it is in one’s pocket …


Scientists realized that this off-the-shelf conductive thread also has the magnetic properties that can be manipulated to store either digital data or visual information like LETTERS or NUMBERS “



I believe all currency notes come with a metallic SECURITY THREAD , capable of being magnetized


So, could that thread be able to store the UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER , assigned to each and every currency note , which , in turn , can be “ read “ by the Smart phone , and “ transmitted “ to the Central Server of the India’s Income Tax Department ?


If possible , this can track those high denomination currency notes lying in wallets / purses ( – assuming that a smart phone is also next to those notes )




References :


Technology  >



Innovator  >






Read :  https://myblogepage.blogspot.com/2018/06/rfid-breakthrough-at-last.html



11  June  2018

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