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We  are   not  in  a  hurry   !



That seems to be the attitude of India’s Union Governments of the past 32 years

Look at the following news in today’s Economic Times :


“ Loss Making PSU’s Divestment Kicks off with Scooters India “



The government has kicked off the process of selling its entire stake in Scooters India -marking the beginning of strategic sale of loss-making and non-core public sector entities that also has Air India on the list.
The Department of Heavy Industries has invited global expressions of interest (EoIs) for strategic divestment of entire 93.74% government stake in the company.
The EoIs have to be submitted by May 7, 2018. Lucknow-based Scooters India (SIL), which manufactures three wheelers under brand name Vikram, made a net loss of Rs 10.3 crore in FY17 against a profit of Rs 5.48 crore the year before. The company’s share closed flat at Rs 53 on Monday.
The Department of Investment and Public Asset Management has appointed Resurgent India as the adviser to manage the transaction. Before the disinvestment, the company will hive off off non-core land of 89.69 acres out of its total land bank of 147.499 acres.
The government has already given in-principle approval to strategic disinvestment of 17 central public sector undertakings. These include Pawan Hans, Bharat Earth Movers, Dredging Corporation of India and Air India.
The selection is based on a criteria devised by NITI Aayog – “high priority” and “low priority” based on national security, sovereign function at arm’s length, and market imperfections and public purpose. Those falling in the ‘low priority’ are in the strategic disinvestment list.
This news reminded me of the following letter ( there were no emails in 1986 ) , that I sent to 7,500  employees of L&T ( Powai Works ) :



28 Feb 1986


Dear Friends


The correct  idiom is  “flogging a dead  horse” but there is every possibility that  the horse ( Scooters India – SIL )  is dead by now.


This is because  the enclosed article about SIL is almost 18 months old.


And  as of  Dec.  31, 1985,  we have  such  93,282 dying  ( or dead ?)  horses in  our  country.  


These are  known as  “sick units”.  What  I do not  know is whether  the above mentioned figure  includes  public-sector ( Govt  owned ) sick-units  or not. 


Most of  these are sick – in fact VERY SICK.  


If you wish to know how “sick”, here are some  “temperature-readings”.


No. Govt. unit Loss in last 3yr


1. Engineering Projects India Ltd.  90.0
2. Hindustan Steelworks Const. Ltd.  67.0
3. Cycle Corporation of India Ltd.  8.8
4. Scooters India Ltd. (SIL) 50.0
5. Tanneries & Footwear Corp. of India Ltd.  53.0



I  understand   that  the  Govt.   is  planning   to  wind-up (close-down) the  first  3 units  and merge  the  remaining 2 units with some successful public or private sector company.


From the  “Dying Horse” article, we  find that neither  Bajaj nor HMT want to even touch Scooters India !


And no  wonder !


A similar  company in America  would perhaps employ  500 persons whereas Scooters India  has employed 3500 persons’.


Reminds me of Bombay Municipality ( BMC ) .


If BMC can sack half  of  its  employees,  productivity would go up FOUR TIMES


If you  do not believe me, next time stop  and count  the number of  persons  pretending to  dig a hole for a faulty telephone cable !


And talking of surplus labour, HSCL has 12000 ! ( See following article )


How long before some of us muster enough courage to ask,

” Am I my brother’s keeper ? “



I only hope it does not take another 32 YEARS , to dispose off all of our loss making PSUs, which , successive governments managed to keep alive on a “ Life Support System “ ( read : tax payers’ money )


20  March  2018

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#TransportPolicy #ComputerOnWheels #HighwaySafety

Not Good Enough : Link all Vehicles with each other !



Hindustan Times ( 19 March ) carries following news :

“ Highway Safety : Vehicles could be linked to your Aadhar “



Highlight :

A ministry of home affairs (MHA) panel tasked with drafting a comprehensive policy for securing Indian highways has suggested that a central body be set up to maintain data on motor vehicles by linking their registration numbers to the Aadhaar numbers of their owners.

The panel hasn’t directly recommended linking motor vehicles to Aadhaar, but suggested the creation of a Central Repository Body (CRB) at the central government level. This body, the working group has suggested, will create acountry-wide database of motor vehicles after they are linked with the 12-digit unique identity number, according to a senior government official familiar with the development.

What are the benefits of linking “ all vehicles with each other “ ?

For details, read :

Smart Cars , Safe Cars , Social Cars ?  [  31  Aug  2017  ]


“  Internet  of  Vehicles  “  {  04  March  2017  }


19  March  2018

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#XPrize  #ANAavatar  #FutureOfWork



Vindication  must  wait



Sent   :  Sun 18-03-2018 09:26


To      :  ‘katherine.schelbert@xprize.org’; ‘alan.goss@hkstrategies.com’


Dear Katherine /  Alan ,



From Peter’s email , I just came across the announcement of  ANA AVATAR  XPRIZE  of $ 10 million  [  https://avatar.xprize.org/  ]



In that email, the purpose was explained as follows :



As Peter explained at the prize launch: “Our ability to physically experience another geographic location, or to provide on-the-ground assistance where needed, is limited by cost and the simple availability of time.


The ANA Avatar XPRIZE can enable creation of an audacious alternative that could bypass these limitations, allowing us to more rapidly and efficiently distribute skill and hands-on expertise to distant geographic locations where they are needed, bridging the gap between distance, time and cultures.




I wish to congratulate Peter and XPRIZE for this initiative, which has tremendous potential for solving unemployment problem ( even if partially ) for countries like India , as conceptualized in my following blog


With Regards,


hemen  parekh / Mumbai








Wednesday, 9 September 2015








China is known as the ” Factory ” of the World


India is known as the  ” Back Office ” of the World


Can India become the ” Back Factory ” of the World ?




Wrong question !


Right question is : WHEN can we become the ” Back Factory ” of the World ?




Answer is ” hiding in plain sight ” !



This week , an astronaut , sitting in a satellite 400 km above the earth and hurtling through space at 16,000 km per hour , operated a robot on the earth



Earlier , scientists sitting in NASA space centre or  in Shri Harikota space centre , have operated Mars Rovers / MOM ( Mars Orbital Mission ) remotely



From a distance of millions of miles



And soon , astronauts  will be sending emails to earthlings from millions of miles away , using ” Space Internet ” on their Mobile phones



Invariably , each such team of scientists , comprised Indians !



So , WHEN can our scientists – and software Start Ups – enable Indian workers , sitting in Hyderabad / Chennai etc , to operate / manipulate , machinery in factories of Europe / America / China ?



I believe this can become a reality by 2020 , if Central Government and State Governments , just get out of the way of our scientists / Start Ups and leave them alone !



Then tell them :




” You are our next generation of Freedom Fighters . Free our millions from

poverty / starvation / jobless depression / ignominy / suicides



Like war – ravaged people of North Africa , Indians cannot invade Europe / Australia / Canada , in search of jobs / better life



We depend upon you to bring the jobs to India – jobs such as ,



*   Operating Machinery in Factories abroad



*   Controlling Air Traffic at Airports around the World



*   Operating upon patients in Hospitals , all over



*   Teaching students in Schools , in remote Africa



*   Any job that currently requires immediate presence of a worker





And , if you set up a ” Back Factory ” , you don’t need to pay Corporate Income Tax for next 10 years !




Simply register on web site of Income Tax Department as a ” Back Factory ” owner and file annual ” Zero Corporate Tax Return ”




When this happens ,



*  Millions of skilled Indian workers will operate factories around the World ,

sitting in , internet connected ” Back Factories ” in small Indian towns



*  Foxcon will not need to replace its high-wage Chinese workers with one

million robots ( as officially announced sometime back )


At half the wages of those Chinese workers , Indians will operate Foxcon

factories , all over the World , remotely !



*  ” Contract Labour Act ” will need to be replaced with ” Back Factory ” Act



*  ” Minimum Wages Act ” will need to be scrapped !



*   India will not need to fight with WTO on ” Manpower / Service Exports ”



*   ” Make in India ” will morph into ” Make from India ”




I hope NDA Ministers and members of NITI Aayog will ask , Narayan Murthy / Sam Pitroda / Azim Premji / Sundar Pichai / Satya Nadela / Ray Kurzweil etc :



”  How soon can this be done ? How can you help ? ”


19  March  2018

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Where Prabhu failed, will Piyush succeed ?

DNA ( 18 March ) carries following news :

“ 9.5 K people killed in accidents on city’s train network in last 3 years “


Had Shri Prabhu read my following blog ( sent as email ) , possibly 4000 of these 9500 premature deaths could have been avoided  !

Indian Railways : A Trillion Dollar Opportunity  [  03  Sept  2016  ]


And since I knew that Ministers are a busy lot , I followed up with following blogs ( each , religiously sent as email ) :

Not so Futuristic ?  [  11  Sept  2016  ]


A Prabhu – on – Earth ?  [  19  Aug  2017  ]


Through twitter page , I even requested Shri Goyal , to grant me a few minutes to present my case . No reply !

Even if he cannot find time to meet me , I urge Shri Goyalji to forward my emails to Director, IIT – Powai /  Director , TIFR , and seek their opinion re my suggestion

I fail to understand what other things are more important than saving 10 lives per day !

18  March  2018

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#BlackMoney #Corruption #CurrencyNotes #RFID




Back  to  Square  One  ?



Economic Times ( 15 March ) carries following news :


“ Currency in use hits pre-note ban levels “






  • Currency in circulation

#   on Nov 04 , 2016………………….. Rs   17.98   lakh*crore

#   on Dec 31, 2016……………………. Rs    8.93   lakh*crore

#   on Mar 09, 2018……………………. Rs   18.13  lakh*crore


Reasons advanced for the bounce back :


  • Revival in rural economic activity


  • Due to elections in various Stated in 2018 – election funding still remaining cash based


General Agreement  :

  • Although seem to be slowing down lately , digital payments are growing rapidly


Original Reasons for Demonetization :

  • Halting corruption


  • Stopping fake money funding terror operations


  • Eliminating BLACK MONEY





  • Sure, de-monetization may have brought down terror funding


  • But by “ re-monetizing “ a Rs 1000 / – note with a Rs 2000 / – note, corruption is made easier ! Less number of notes to pass under the table and to carry !


  • Only way BLACK MONEY could be eliminated , is to embed a RFID chip in new plastic notes


  • Could it be, that this govt is unwilling to trust our scientists / technocrats to be able to accomplish this innovation , all the time getting paralyzed by thinking :



“ If elimination of BLACK MONEY was so simple, surely some other developed country would have tried it by now ! Will we make a fool of ourselves if we fail ? “




No government officer or Minister opined anything , when ISRO said :


#   We will send MOM ( Mars Orbiting Mission ) and succeed at first attempt (

world record )


#   With one rocket , we will launch 130 satellites ( again a world record )


#   Soon, we will reduce cost of a satellite launch by 90 %  (  one more world

record )


#   We will develop a small Lithium-ion Battery with high energy-density to power

EVs  (  nothing comparable in the world )


#   We have already mounted a Solar Roof Top on a standard OMNI, charged by

sun and therefore , not requiring lakhs of  Battery Charging Stations

Elimination of Battery Charging Stations is the HOLY GRAIL for the auto

industry, all over the world

Adoption of our INNOVATIONS will save the country  Rs 195 lakh*crore





Before Shri Modi announced demonetization , I sent to him  some 40  emails suggesting embedding of RFID sensor in high denomination currency notes

[   I do not expect Shri Modiji to find time to reply to my emails and I am better off not getting any “ computer generated “ replies !   ]

The day after the announcement, I sent to him following mail :

Have A Good Suggestion ? Send it to PM  [  08 Nov  2016  ]


I do hope he sincerely meant when last evening , at the India Rising Summit , he said :

“ For the first time, in India we have a situation where the citizens suggest and the government implements those suggestions “

17  March  2018

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How to provide dignified homes ?

Winning  ONE  LAKH  hearts  ?


Mumbai Mirror ( 15 March ) carries following news :


“ Airport slum dwellers to be rehabilitated in situ : CM “



I could not get an accurate picture but from what I found online , following picture emerged of the slums surrounding Juhu Airport:


  • Area over which slums are spread ………………………………. 50 acres


  • No of hutments……………………………………………………………   6,000


  • No of slum dwellers……………………………………………………… 100,000


  • No of families………………………………………………………………  20,000


Government plans to build new / pucca flats on this land and allot to the slum-dwellers


This is a very humane and practical decision since these slum dwellers earn their livelihood by working in nearby areas


Giving them flats which are 25 km away from their work-place would be meaningless


No one will want to move that far away !

Read :

Urban Renewal ?  [  05  June  2014  ]








50 acres is nearly  21.8   lakh sq ft

If FSI of  3.5   is permitted , that would provide for built-up area of  76.3  lakh sq ft

At  400 sq ft  per flat, that would give  19,000   flats



To build these 19,000 flats within 100 weeks ( less than 2 years ) , Maharashtra Government should invite WinSun Construction Technologies of China



WHY  WinSun  ?



#   On 29 March 2014 , WinSun constructed TEN , 3D printed houses ( 200 sq meter

each ) in Shanghai, each costing $ 4,800 ( approx Rs 3 lakh ! )






#    On 17 July 2015 , using its 3D printing technology , WinSun built a 2 storey villa , in

just 3 HOURS  !



#    WinSun holds 98 patents for construction materials



#    For 3D printing of houses , WinSun , mostly uses recycled construction materials



#    3D house-printing technology saves,


*  30% -60 % of building materials


*  70 % of production time


*  80 %  of construction cost



#   Egypt Government has placed on WinSun , an order for supplying 20,000 pre-

fabricated , 3D printed houses


#   In Egypt , WinSun will establish 12 Dream Factories ( to build pre-fabricated houses )

within 2 years


These factories will mostly use desert sand as its main construction material , which

was found ideal for 3D printing of houses !



#   In next 3 years , WinSun will set up ( in JV with local parties ) , similar factories in 20

countries , including Saudi Arabia , UAE , Qatar , Mexico , S. Korea , Russia , Morocco

Tunisia , and USA



For latest on Winsun ,read :









17  March  2018


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An Impossible Policy ?

Why a  perpetual  “ Work – in – Progress “  ?



Economic Times ( 13 March ) carries following news :


“ National Policy for Domestic Workers in the Works “

Labour ministry is planning to bring about a national policy to protect the interests of domestic workers and to guarantee them minimum wages and social security which has been pending for almost three years now.



“Discussions are underway regarding a national policy for domestic workers, including women with the aim to protect the domestic workers from abuse, harassment, violence and guarantee them rights in the matter of social security and minimum wages,” minister of state for labour Santosh Kumar Gangwar said in a written reply in Lok Sabha.




The policy has been hanging fire for nearly three years as it was to be presented before the Cabinet in 2015.




Among others, the policy envisages to make a provision for a minimum salary of ₹ 9,000 per month, compulsory paid leave of 15 days in a year and maternity leave benefits to full-time domestic helps. The policy also includes social security cover and provisions against sexual harassment and bonded labour.




Gangwar was replying to a question if the government has enacted or proposes to enact any law to safeguard the interests of female domestic workers and provide them with social security and other benefits.



The Unorganised Workers’ Social Security Act, 2008 is already in place to provide life and disability cover, health and maternity benefits, old age protection to the unorganised workers, he said. — PTI



If you are wondering why this policy is still , a “ Work in Progress “ , you will find some clues in my following blog :


Maid in India ?  [  10  Aug  2015  ]




17  March  2018

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