Let them fade away !

NaMo’s   Achilles heel  ?



Ordinary Indian citizens on the road ( approx. 1300 Million ), do not understand – nor care to understand – the difference between a NPA and a FRAUD


When they get to read following news headline :


“ Govt pumped Rs 2.6 Lakh * Crore into Public Sector Banks in 11 years “



– the only conclusion they draw is what I described in my following blog :



Tuesday, 23 June 2015




Bank Recapitalization ?



Here is a layman’s understanding :


*    Bank executives give Rs 4 Lakh*Crores worth loans to   Industrialists / Businessmen

( who , sometimes happen to be close relatives / friends )



*    Bankers ” forget ” to examine past records of loan-repayments by these individuals


*   Banks do not share among themselves info about ” black-listed ” borrowers


*   Banks ” forget ” to inquire if a loanee is a ” Benami ” company


*   Banks do not incorporate stringent clauses in loan agreements (on purpose )


*   Banks adopt ” Forget & Forgive ” approach to defaulters


*   For loan recovery , bankers wait for other  bankers to take the lead


*   Before taking action , bankers check-out with people in power


*   When sinking under the burden of NPA , bankers run to Government of India to bail

them out through ” Bank Re-Capitalization ”


*   Government oblige by giving money to stressed banks, so that they can survive


*   Government rationalize its bail out by saying, ” depositors must be protected ” .


Sounds so reassuring  !


*   Government then goes out and raises taxes ( direct + indirect ) to balance its

books  ( Current Account Deficit ? )


In a nutshell :


*   Eventually , honest tax-payers foot the bill, one way or the other


*   7,000 + loan-defaulting swindlers spend vacation in Switzerland with family ( and

their politician friends ) – till they are ready to borrow more !


*   Bankers vie with each other to ” Re-Schedule Payments ” and advance fresh loans to

pay off old loans ( Rs 4 lakh Crores of NPA ).



If EU / IMF can do this for Greece , why cannot we ?

*   Government will take pride in ” Bold Banking Reforms “( to please IMF ? )


*   As a Nation , we are very compassionate !  We cannot let any institution die !
We are obsessed with keeping it alive at any cost . We must, forever , keep it alive

with artificial ventilation / blood transfusion !



It is time to re-think :

When a person or an Institution just cannot be kept alive , it must be allowed to die ,

in a dignified way !


Would it not be far better to protect the small bank-depositors by returning their

deposits , rather than infuse Rs 4 lakh*crores into these banks , by way of re-

capitalization ?



Am I missing out on something that economists know better ?



21 Feb 2018 :


I was about to miss out that despite ground-breaking / transformative reforms carried out by the NDA government during last 4 years, the recent spate of “ Bank Scams “ have convinced the ordinary citizens that ,


: Between them , the Government and the Banks constitute a gargantuan mechanism whose sole purpose is to siphon away the “ Blood and Sweat Money “ of the toiling masses to nourish the fraudsters :


This is a  VERY BAD omen for the BJP for  2019  Lok Sabha Elections  !


21  Feb  2018

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Reach for the Sun

Shri  R  K  Singh –  the  Revolutionary



Our Minister of State ( Independent Charge ) for Power and Renewable Energy, Shri R K Singh is a revolutionary


Here is the proof


Today’s Business Line carries following news :


“ Govt to revise roof-top solar power policy “

The Centre will rework and expand the ambit of roof-top solar power generation policy, according to Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power and Renewable Energy, RK Singh.


Speaking to reporters on the side lines of an international R&D conclave, organised by the Central Electricity Authority, Singh said, “We are coming up with a new scheme which will improve the present roof-top solar systems. We already have schemes for solar pumps and roof-top solar but we are enlarging those schemes and improving the mechanisms so that they can be delivered faster.”


Singh said that the government is also gearing up for taking strides in energy storage. He said, “According to the trajectory we had announced, we are bidding out projects in solar, wind and in hybrid generation. Now we are going to attach a storage component to those bids too. For example, if the entire project is of 1000 MW, the storage capacity with it will be of around 100 MW.”



That is : ONE battery storage ( 100 MW ) for 1 GW ( 1,000 MW ) of solar generation


For our target of 100 GW by 2022 , we need 100 Battery Storage ( of 100 MW each )


But with about 50 months left to reach that target, we need to install 2 Battery Storages EVERY MONTH for the next 50 months !


ONE installation , every 15 days !


That is finding a cool $ 100 million per month ( TESLA’s 100 MW Battery Storage , installed and commissioned in South Australia within 100 days , cost $ 50 million each )


All told , for those 100 Battery Storages, we will need $ 5,000 Million ( $ 5 Billion )


Exactly what I wrote in my following blog , only yesterday !


National Energy Storage Mission  [  19  Feb  2018  ]



In that blog , I also suggested how to raise the required funds


But the “ Roof Top Solar Power Generation Revolution “ will remain only a dream , unless that reworked policy ( under formulation ) covers within its “ ambit “ , my following suggestions as well


Sun : Our Soul ( A New SOS )  [  02  Jan  2017  ]


Solar Power at Rs 1 per Kwh ?  [  29  Jan  2017  ]


I urge Shri Singh to consider my following suggestion as well :




  • Individual building owners or Societies will install the plants on their roofs ( model / size / supplier etc to be decided by each consumer )




  • Plants will need to be installed only by Channel Partners( supplying agencies ) which are empanelled by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy , who have submitted installation data ( Project Completion Report for grid connected rooftop projects ) on the SPIN portal




  • Submit “ Bill / Certificate of Grid Connectivity “ to govt  for “Green Solar Loan“




  • Loan will be repayable at 5 %interest rate , over a 15 year period








  • Societies will even be allowed to repay the EMIin the form of the solar power it generates and FEEDS into the State Grid , under the “ Reverse Metering “ Scheme



( Source : https://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2017/06/green-buildings-put-greed-to-work.html  )

21  Feb  2018

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Just ask a Start Up !

Fool-proof   GPS   Meters  ?



Times of India ( 19 Feb ) carries following news :

RTOs propose ‘ fool-proof ‘ GPS meters for 1 L autos



City RTOs have proposed installation of ‘fool-proof ’ GPS-enabled meters in over one lakh autorickshaws.
The RTOs have mooted a proposal to replace electronic meters with gadgets which will automatically calculate fares based on real-time GPS-enabled distance and waiting time.


“GPS meters are difficult to tamper as they are based on Google Maps and will calculate the accurate distance travelled and time taken at signals to compute the fare,” a senior transport official said, adding that they could be introduced soon.


The meters had been proposed in Delhi and Chennai. Each meter costs around Rs 15,000 and manufacturers in the state can supply them, a transport commissioner office official stated.


The meter will have a facility to print receipts, which will have the fare along with distance travelled and waiting time, the official said.


“You can also track the GPS autos from a central control room and introduce a panic switch on the meters. This could be a safety feature for commuters, especially women travelling alone,” the official said.

In Jogeshwari case, RTO and police found that four important seals were broken to insert wires to rig the meter.


“We want to make it mandatory that in case any seal is broken, the software should hang and the meter should malfunction immediately. In this case, we may issue a notice to the manufacturer this week and tell the firm to introduce software to ensure meters hang if seals are broken,” said an official from the transport commissioner’s office.


“We are also liaising with experts from Maharashtra Institute of Technology (Pune) to examine how we can introduce more security features in digital meters,” the official said. Meter manufacturers have said they should not be held responsible for seals broken by errant drivers.


I am glad that RTO has , at last , accepted to implement my following suggestion :


Making Yourself Obsolete ?  [  14  Feb  2016  ]



20  Feb  2018

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Energy is perishable !

National  Energy  Storage  Mission



Business Line ( 16 Feb ) carried following news report :


“ Expert Committee set up for National Energy Storage Mission “



The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set up the Energy Storage Expert Committee to propose creation of the National Energy storage Mission for India.


The committee has a stringent time line of four months to release the draft National Energy Storage Mission


Speaking at an industry event, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power and Renewable Energy RK Singh said, “ We need a viable commercial plan for storing renewable energy and we will be able to significantly cut down import of fossil fuels once the storage of renewable energy is commercially viable.”



I would say : Not a day too soon  !


Consider the following :


  • India is targeting to achieve 100 GW of solar power capacity by 2022


  • As of today , actual installed capacity is barely 17 GW


  • India gets 300 days of sunshine per year


  • Between them , our deserts (Rajasthan / Kutchh / Lahul and Spiti / Ladakh ) have

Potential to generate 315.7 GW of Solar Power


  • To be able to use at night, Solar power generated during day ( when sun shines ) , need to be stored in huge banks of batteries


  • But , how to “ Store “ all that huge amount of Solar generated electricity and use it round the clock when Sun is not shining ?


This ( storage of solar generated power ) was not possible till recently

But it just became possible !


Only last month , Elon Musk ( TESLA ) installed  a 100 MW / 129 MWh , Lithium-

ion Battery Storage facility in Australia , for a cost of $ 50 million

And within 100 days – ensuring no more “ black outs “ in South Australia  !


  • To store that 316 GW( 316,000 MW ) of solar power generated in our deserts , we will need hundreds of Storage Batteries of the size ( 100 MW ) installed in Australia


That would cost , lakhs of crores of rupees !


We need to raise :



  • For 316 GW solar power projects in our deserts…………$  316  Billion


  • For 100 ( ? ) Mega Storage Batteries……………………………$  5  Billion


A Total of ……………………………………………………………………$  321  Billion



Where / how can we raise such funds ?


Here is how much some countries managed to “ get declared “ Black Money through their own Amnesty Schemes :


  • Indonesia………..$ 367  Billion ( just 2 % tax / no penalty / no questions asked )


  • Italy………………….$ 137 Billion


  • Argentina…………$ 117  Billion


  • Brazil……………… $ 53  Billion


  • India………………. $ 10  Billion

[  https://www.ft.com/content/28141116-c841-11e6-8f29-9445cac8966f



To know how we can do better, look up :







Indonesia Shows the Way  (  23  Dec  2016  )





Can you imagine :


What it could do to our economy if  power was available for Rs 1 / Kwh ?



How many premature deaths ( due to air pollution ) can be avoided if we shut down ALL coal-based power plants ? ( Ans :  600,000 each year )


6 million Electric vehicles that the Government wants to put on our roads by 2020 , were re-charging their Li-ion batteries , using GREEN solar power ?


20  Feb  2018

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Will Supreme take notice ?

Thank You, Shri  Ashwini  Kumar  Upadhyay



Today’s Times of India carries following news :



SC to hear plea for Aadhaar-based voting system after 4 weeks



The Supreme Court on Monday said it will hear after four weeks a plea seeking implementation of an Aadhaar-based voting system in elections in order to curtail bogus and duplicate voting in the spirit of the election law.

The petition was filed before a bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud which kept the matter for hearing in March.

The plea, filed by advocate and BJP leader Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, has sought direction to the Election Commission of India to take appropriate steps to implement an ‘Aadhaar based election voting system’ to ensure maximum participation in election and curtail fake, bogus and duplicate voting in the spirit of section 17-18 of the Representation of People Act, 1950.
It sought a direction to the Centre through ministry of law and justice to take appropriate steps to link movable and immovable property documents of citizens with their Aadhaar number to curb corruption, black money generation and ‘benami’ transactions.

The plea alleged that duplicate voting was prevalent in the country as the current system has not been able to control booth capturing and bogus voting.


“The current system is better but not the best. Aadhaar based election-voting system


has more authentication of voters, better security of voting process, it can protect the


voted data and most importantly, the voter can cast his vote from any corner of the


country,” the plea said.

The proposed Aadhaar-based voting system involves fingerprint of the voter which is saved in the government’s database with an individual’s Aadhaar number, the petition said.


Dear Shri Ashwini Kumar :

Many thanks for taking up with the Supreme Court , a suggestion which I have repeatedly sent to Cabinet Ministers / MPs / MLAs / Chief Ministers / NITI AAyog / Election Commission / Supreme Court , over the past few years

For details of my suggestion , you may want to look up :


VotesApp  [  18 Dec  2012  ]



One day Polling is Possible [  31 March 2016  ]



ONE POLL ; ONE TIME ?  [  06  Sept  2016  ]



Reforming Elections and Lok Sabha [ REaL ] ( 20 Dec  2016  )




And , as far as your petition re BENAMI PROPERTIES is concerned , you may want to consider my following suggestion :


#Aadhar   #Property   #Benami    [  21  Nov  2017  ]



#BenamiProperty  #Bitcoin  #BlackMoney [ 22  Nov  2017 ]



Nami or Benami ?  Why Differentiate ?  [  30  Nov  2017  ]



Incidentally , here is an email reply which I got yesterday from …

Chloe Day ( www.what3words.com  Support)

Feb 19, 13:40 GMT

Dear Hemen,

Thank you for your email. We are still finalising our Hindi map, and it should be released quite soon.

Thanks again for getting in touch!

All best wishes,

what3words support



20  Feb  2018

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Future of Humanity ?

Why Alien ( if they exist ) will pose no danger  ?



How will humans react if we discover alien life ?


Summary :

Though many have speculated that humans would respond negatively to the discovery of alien life, we have very little scientific research on the subject. According to a new study, however, people in the U.S. would likely have a positive reaction to the news.


Can you guess, why humans would react positively and not feel threatened  ?


It is obvious


If aliens manage to travel billions of light years to reach Earth , one thing is most certain


Not only they would have mastered some fantastic transportation technology but , in all probability, along those few billion years, they would have conquered human frailties of :


Kaam (  Sex  )  –  Krodh ( Anger  ) – Lobh (  Greed  ) – Moh (  Desire   ) – Mad (  Ego  ) – Matsar ( Envy  )


Those six internal “ enemies “ of humans


Aliens would have no “ need / want / desire “ , for anything that we , the humans have , but they do not !


For them , humans would pose no “ threat “


For them , looking at the current “ mess “ in which humans find themselves, it would only evoke a deep feeling of “ sadness “ – may be , even a strong desire to help the humans conquer their “ Inner Enemies “  !

Aliens  would pose us no threat !


19  Feb  2018

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Holier than the World ?


Holy  Grail  for  Electric  Vehicles


For Electric Vehicles , holy grail is : No need for any Battery Charging stations  !


World over, auto companies are coming out with EV which depend upon heavy and expensive Lithium-ion Batteries , which require , anywhere between 3 hours to 6 hours for re-charging , after running for 200 – 400 km


In turn , that requires setting up a massive infrastructure of thousands of Battery Charging Stations , all over the country . Currently , India has some 60,000 Petrol – Diesel filling pumps , which can fill up your car tank in less than 5 minutes !


If it takes 200 minutes to re-charge a Lithium-ion battery , how many re-charge stations will be required ? – even assuming that a car owner does not mind waiting at the battery charging station for 3 / 4 hours !


So , the “ Holy Grail “ ( 5G ? ) for electric vehicles boils down to the following options , none of which need a Battery Charging Station :




ISRO technology

This consists of a very small Lithium-ion Battery ( 5 Kw ) , continuously being charged through its Solar Panel Roof top  . ISRO demonstrated this in May 2017 but strangely no body talks about it !

ISRO : the EV Game-Changer


Solar Panels charging Li-ion Batteries of Electric Cars ?







Stotes-Dot Technology


The three-year old Israeli startup, named StoreDot, is working on a prototype EV battery that can charge in as few as  FIVE MINUTES , and provide 300 miles of driving range.



StoreDot’s  “ FlashBattery ” technology is based on proprietary inorganic compounds and a hybrid multifunction electrode (MFE) and promises a theoretical “instant” charge for smart phones and electric vehicles.


“If this chemistry works as we show, there’s no reason we couldn’t charge a car in FIVE MINUTES ,” says CEO / Founder of StoreDot , Doron Myersdorf.



https://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2016/08/all-charged-up.html }



Aluminium Battery (  Metal Air Battery )

From web site of Phinergy :

Phinergy’s air-electrode technology has enabled it to master the metal-air reaction process and develop an aluminium-air system with a lifespan of thousands of working hours, relieving the main constraints of electric transportation and clean distributed generation.

Ashok Leyland is not waiting !  



 If Indian auto industry can get together to develop / commercialize , one or more of the above mentioned “ Battery Innovations “ , it can leapfrog the EV manufacturers all over the world .  India may even succeed in exporting EVs all over the World !

Dear Shri Gadkariji,

Current investment in the existing 60,000 Petrol-Diesel pumps is Rs 6.5 lakh*crores

If 30 times more Battery Charging Stations are needed, then that could cost Rs 195 lakh*crore  !

So, how about allocating Rs 300 crores as done by the Department of Telecommunications to develop 5G technology , as explained in the following news report :


“ Bright Minds Join Hands for 5G Test Project “



More than 200 researchers, students and teachers from across five Indian Institutes of Technology have joined forces over a Rs 300-crore project to develop 5G technology and its use cases in India.

The department of telecommunications-backed project, being billed as the biggest collaborative effort between these institutes, will aim to develop a comprehensive test-bed for 5G that can be used by technology companies, telecom operators, academics and start-ups for R&D purposes and developing 5G products and solutions.




The project has the government’s full backing—Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said in his Budget speech that the telecom department will support a 5G technology test-bed that will be anchored out of IIT Madras and whose roll could be expected in 2020, in line with global roll outs.


The institute will also help in the overall testing and integration of all sub-system modules and the demonstration of the complete functionality of the final test-bed.

Why cannot we do something similar for Auto Industry , which must switch over to Electric Vehicles by 2030 ?


18  Feb  2018

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