Arvind ( MP )  or  Arvind ( Ex-MLA )  ?



Not surprisingly , many people would like it to be ,


Arvind ( Ex-MLA )



One does not need to be a NOSTRADAMUS , to be able to predict that – should Arvind decide to fight against Narendra Modi from Varanasi


Whereas , I can understand , leaders of both Congress and BJP , secretly hoping that Arvind does contest from Varanasi , I just fail to understand why AAP leaders too , want him to carry out a political suicide  !



Do they ( AAP leaders ) , believe that ,



>  a Arvind on the footpath OUTSIDE parliament building is worth much

more ,




>   a Arvind leading the opposition INSIDE the Lok Sabha  ?




If not , why do they advise him to fight Narendra Modi  ?


To make a martyr out of Arvind  ?



Don’t AAP leaders realize that politics is purely a game of ” Possible ” ?



And one does not need to have mastered , NASH EQUILIBRIUM to see that , a fight between NaMo and Arvind , is a fight between UNEQUALS  !



Mavericks don’t win elections .  Money does  !



Election is NOT about heroics / about bravado / about being foolhardy  !



It is only about getting into the Lok Sabha



And , in Arvind’s case , it is about getting in there with fair and honest means  !








What are you trying to prove by fighting Modi  ?


That you are not lusting for power  ?


You don’t have to . We know that




Forget about that referendum of people of Varanasi



Listen to what 814 million voters want



They want to see you lead the opposition in Lok Sabha




Ask of yourself :  What is more important  ?



Fighting Modi for 5 weeks on the streets of Varanasi – and losing ?






Fighting Modi inside Lok Sabha for 5 years – and winning  ?




So , fight from where people – not money , will vote for you




*   hemen   parekh  (  18  March  2014  /  Mumbai  )






One thought on “Arvind ( MP )  or  Arvind ( Ex-MLA )  ?

  1. He should have continued as CM of Delhi, rather than throwing himself out of rule. The right thing to do for him to do was to stay in power and to change and cleanse the system from within. He has lost a great opportunity, people trusted him but he disrespected their trust.

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