By-passing India / China Governments?

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Dear Indian and Chinese Executives :

What was the most important achievement of Indian PM , Shri Narendra Modi’s recent visit to China  ?

Deals worth $ 22 Billion? Wrong !


Times of India ( 16 May 2015 ) described this achievement as follows :

Times of India ( 16 May 2015 ) described this achievement as follows :

”   As a result of the agreements , for the first time , state and municipal leaders in India will be able to strike deals with their counterparts in China , without having to go through the Central governments of the two countries.

Besides, Indian States and Cities are pairing themselves to learn from each other and develop business partnerships under the Sister Cities and Sister Province programme  ”

This will enable , partnerships between ,

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  • 9873 Companies in Hyderabad with Companies in Quingdao
  •   18,498 Companies in Chennai  with companies in Chongquing
  •  808 Companies in Aurangabad with companies in  Dunhuang
  • 30,000 + Companies in  Karnataka with companies in Sichuan

Q : How can Indian Companies send across their ” Let us work together ” messages to Chinese Companies ?

A : Send their ” We are interested ” messages to 45 Chinese Chambers of Commerce ( in 21 Chinese cities ) , from :

Blast Message – Chambers

These Chinese Chambers of Commerce will be too happy to forward these messages to their Member – Firms.

Q : How can Chinese Companies send their Interest Messages to Indian Companies?

A : Send their Message through :

Blast Message, Corporate – City wise 

With just  ONE CLICK of the mouse to send their Messages to ALL the companies , in any Indian City  !

B2B  is helping to bring about PM Shri Narendra Modi’s dream of ,

”  Minimum  Government , Maximum Governance  ”

Call this , ”  Winds  of   Change  ”

with regards ,

hemen  parekh

Mumbai , India

(M) 0-98,67,55,08,08


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