Objective of tomorrow’s MINT closed door event ( as reported in Ads ) is :

“…to examine the implications of this vision  and propose what’s needed to make it a reality  ”

Here is one of the things that I think is needed :

Treat MII ( Make In India ) on par with MOM ( Mars Orbital Mission )

We have all seen MOM control room on TV , with dozens of scientists glued to respective computer screens , monitoring every aspect of the Mission

And , whenever required , taking ” Course Correction Actions ” in real time

For MII ( Make In India ) too , we need such  Control Rooms

One at the HUB ( in DIPP ) and one each in State Capitals ( Spokes )

The concerned officers will monitor :

>    Web Site Traffic ( better than Google Web Analytics )

Who is visiting from where and looking at which pages , and doing what , and for how long …etc

>    Message Traffic

From server log of B2B web site , monitor which FOREIGN COMPANIES are blasting ( We are interested to talk to you ) messages to


>    Action Traffic

B2B server sending out ( within ONE MINUTE ) , full details of above-mentioned messages to,

*    Indian Diplomatic Missions abroad to get in touch with the Message-Sending FOREIGN COMPANIES , offering instant help

*    Chief Ministers / Industry Ministers / Industry Commissioners etc of the STATE GOVERNMENTS , where Message-Receiving INDIAN

COMPANIES are located ( – expect a fierce / healthy competition amongst States to locate project in their States ! )

>    Project Monitoring

Implementation of each project ( above a certain value ) being  monitored using PERT technique ( Mr Rice would appreciate this )

To make MOM , a ” reality ” , cost the country , some Rs 430 Crores – and time of some 100 scientists

I believe CONTROL ROOMS ( War Rooms ? ) of Make In India , may not cost more than Rs 43 Crores ( – all put together )

And some company like Infosys / TCS / Wipro , may be able to construct – and operationalize  – such rooms ( Hardware and Software included )

within 3 months – given the challenge to raise our ” Ease of Doing Business ” rank from 142 to 42  !

*    hemen   parekh   /   18   Nov   2014


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