Between  Mahabharat of old and the Maharashtra of new , there are some parallels

When offered a choice , Pandava Prince , Arjun chose Lord Krishna , rather than his army of 18,000 soldiers

Devendra Fadnavis chose a couple of independent MLAs , rather than 62 MLAs of Shivsena

Again , when thousands of soldiers of Pandava army were succumbing to the arrows of Guru Dronacharya , Lord Krishna showed a way to demoralize the Guru

He made Dharmaraj Yudhisthir ( who only spoke truth – and nothing but the truth ) tell a half-truth

When rumor spread that Guru’s son , Ashwathama was killed , Guru asked Yudhisthir , whether this was true , knowing that Yudhisthir would only speak truth

Yudhisthir loudly said ,

” Yes , Ashwathama is dead ”

Then added in an inaudible low voice ,

” May be a human or may be an elephant ”

Maharashtra Assembly Speaker , Haribhau Bagade , too , said ,

” This Government has passed the confidence vote ”

May be , among the din that followed , no one heard what he added ,

”  May be legitimately , may be fraudulently ”

It seems Shiv Sena forgot to ask itself ,

” What good can you do for the people , if you are not in power  ?

People are simply fed up of Opposition members walking down to the Well of the House , shouting slogans

People have elected MLAs – whether in Government or in Opposition – to pull them out of the abysmal well of poverty

*   hemen   parekh  /  13  Nov   2014


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