To Err is Human

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To forgive is divine ( provided it was a honest error )

All of us keep making errors , all the time

But rarely same ” mistake ” twice

Often , decisions taken at a point of time , turn out to be ” poor ” , with passage of time

Reasons are simple :

*  We never have all the information – relevant to the problem we are trying to solve – available with us , at the time of taking a decision

*  Even when most of such relevant info is available , we may not have the capacity / competence to ” process ” such info

*  As humans , we have our biases / prejudices , based on our previous experiences , which influence our decisions

*  Quite often , and often against our own better evaluation / judgement of a given situation , we are wrongly influenced by our peers / bosses / subordinates or even voters – all of whom have different expectations / vested interests !

*  Additional – and more relevant – information surfaces , AFTER we have taken a decision ( happens all the time  !  )

To encourage Babus and Ministers to take FAST decisions , Narendra Modi must insist that they carefully ” Record ” on the files :

* What info / data he wished was available for a better decision

* What different ” views / opinions ” were presented to him for consideration

* What ” Data / Views ” he would have obtained if he had more time

* Who all , the decision might offend

* What is the likely ” Cost ” of postponing that decision

And finally a declaration ”

* This decision is not likely to benefit any of my near relatives / friends , directly or immediately

After all of this , if the decision appears to be ” Wrong ” in hindsight , it must be ” forgiven ” and treated as an honest error

To err is human  !

*  hemen  parekh  (  21 June  2014  /  Mumbai  )


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