The Missing Link

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MOIA ( Ministry of Overseas Indians Affairs ) has just launched a web site :

Without doubt , a very useful initiative to protect the interests of ( mostly ) , manual workers taking up jobs in Gulf Countries

The site requires registration from :

>  Foreign Employers wanting to hire Indian workers for posting abroad

>  Indian Recruitment Agencies working on behalf of such Foreign Employers

>  Indian Companies taking their workers abroad for executing projects , even provides some data about approximate prevailing wages that Indian workers may expect to get in a few foreign countries

So , what are the missing links ?

>  This web site is meant to be used only by various Government Agencies

and what it calls , ” Partners ” ( ie : Foreign Employers / Indian

Recruitment Agencies / Indian Project Exporters )

>  It does not host searchable databases of ,

*  Manual job vacancies available abroad

*  Manual workers ( Unskilled / Semi-Skilled / Skilled ) available in India

Now consider the following :

>    These days , most every country is facing a slow-down of its economy

>    As a result , Foreign Companies are under pressure to cut costs

>    To cut costs , these companies are often retrenching employees

>    For the same reason , these foreign companies are ” Outsourcing ”

their ” Back-Office Jobs ” to India / Malaysia / Indonesia / Philippines etc

>    In nearly all countries , unemployment is steadily rising

>    As a result , there is a strong resentment against foreign workers

>    Since foreign workers work for lesser wages , they are looked upon as

snatching away jobs from native population

>    Soon , thousands of illegal migrants from North African countries , who

are currently flooding the European countries – and facing strong local

resistance – will start rushing to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries ,

which are today , primary destinations of manual Indian workers.

For reasons of religion and language , they will score over the Indians

Also consider scenario closer at home in India :

>    India adds some 12 million people to its workforce each year

>    Of these , some 3.5 million are ” Graduates ”

>    These graduates are unemployable as ” Workers ” , since they do not

possess any ” Manual Skills ” ( Carpenter / Electrician / Plumber etc )

>    And they don’t want to work as ” Unskilled Labor ” – at home or abroad !

>    Some 430 lakhs of them are already registered with 900+ Employment

Exchanges – which can find jobs for only 1 lakh per year !

>    These 430 lakh resumes ( applicants ) are unavailable for searching and

short-listing , by any Foreign or Indian Project Employer, visiting ,

>    Nor does , carry any searchable listing of jobs abroad,

which these 430 lakh jobseekers can search and directly “Apply Online “,

without having to depend upon the intermediaries ( recruitment agents )

At this stage , it is worth asking ourselves :

>   Are there clear – and present – indicators that physical export of Indian

Manual Labour is bound to sharply decline in next 2/3 years  ?

>   On the other hand , is there a clear opportunity for India’s millions of

graduates , to offer their ” Digital Back Office Services ”  to Foreign

companies , who do not face as much resistance to ” Outsourcing ” as

they do with physical presence of Indians on their own soil ?

Virtual office operations carried out from India and delivered over

Internet , are inconspicuous ! And a god-sent opportunity for

India’s teeming self-employed ” Freelancers ” , who can deliver such

services at globally competitive prices.

>   Is it not the right time for Central Government to become “Proactive”

and launch a Virtual Employment Exchange ( VEE ) , as outlined in

” W3F ( World  Wide  Work  Federation ) “,

described on my personal site  ?


hemen  parekh

04 July, 2015



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