Double Standards

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Supreme Court has ordered some residents of Campa-Cola building in Mumbai to vacate their ” illegal ” flats
And asked Municipality to demolish these flats

Even though , the residents

> purchased these flats with their hard-earned , white money

> paid registration fees / stamp duty / Municipal taxes / water bills / electricity charges etc for 30 years

What was their crime ?

They were ignorant of the criminal conspiracy between the builder , corrupt municipal officers and quite possibly , equally corrupt Govt officers

And don’t rule out the Most Corrupt of them all

The politicians  !

For this ” ignorance ” , the residents must now sleep on the footpath with their children and elders

Supreme Court says , ” Ignorance is no excuse in law ”

On the other hand , 53 Ministers of UPA-2 government , are continuing to occupy their Government-allotted bungalows in Delhi , even after ceasing to be Ministers

Many are no more , even MPs  !

Some continue to occupy their bungalows , months and even years after ceasing to be Minister/MP  !

Take Buta Singh , who ceased to be a Minister 18 years ago !

He refuses to vacate , for ” Security ” reasons  !

Or take Lalu Yadav , who will not vacate , since his wife Rabri Devi is undergoing medical treatment at AIMS  !

Now , make no mistake

They are NOT ignorant of the government rule that says , they must vacate their bungalows within ONE month of leaving office  !

Residents of Campa Cola building – and millions of Mumbai-Citizens , living in thousands of similar ” illegal ” buildings , are asking :

Why this Double Standard ?

Why cannot Supreme Court take Suo-Moto cognizance of 53 illegal occupants – but
knowledgeable – Ministers and issue them notice to vacate  ?

Will Venkaiyyah Naidu , show some intestinal fortitude ( aka ” Guts ” ) and throw them out on 26th June , when their extended Notice Period expires  ?

*  hemen  parekh  ( 17 June 2014 / Mumbai )


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