All Seasons Are Election Seasons


There were 152 MPs in the 15th Lok Sabha , who had criminal cases pending against them

In 16th Lok Sabha , this figure has gone up to 186  !

A case of ” Progressive  Democracy ”  ?

Supreme Court has directed the courts to complete their trials within 12 months

And , Narendra Modi has made a poll-promise to set up Special Courts for this purpose

Q :  How many special courts will need to be set up ?

A :  At least 15 ( my estimate ) – assuming that each court can dispose off ONE

case per month ie: 12 cases per year ( on daily hearing basis )

That is Do-Able, if BJP is really serious about breaking the nexus between politics and crime ( we will know soon ! )

May be 50 % of the MPs ( around 90 ) will get convicted , with a jail-term of 5 years or more , and lose their seats in the Lok Sabha.

That means , in 2016 – 2017 , Election Commission will need to conduct fresh elections in these 90 constituencies ! A mini General Election  ?

Karl Marx may have said , ” Religion is the opium of the Masses ”

In India , it seems , ” Elections are the opium of the Masses ” !

*  hemen  parekh  ( 23 May 2014 / Mumbai )


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