Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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In 1937 , Walt Disney produced ( in 2D / Black & White ) , a film ,

“  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  “

Around the World , this fairy tale became immensely popular , among children and adults , alike

Closer at home , in 2014 , Narendra Modi crafted a colorful and 3D holographic film, titled ,

“ Sonia and the Thirty-Nine Dwarfs “

[ – also known as Congress Working Committee  ]

This became hugely popular in villages and towns of India

And parents started teaching their tiny tots , a brand new nursery rhyme ,

“ Madam – Baba sat on a throne

Madam – Baba had a great fall

All the Congress yes-men

And all the UPA dwarfs

Could not put Madam and Baba

Together again  “

But surprise of surprise  !

For the Nth time , the yes-men were singing , in unison ,

“ No !

No , we won’t accept your resignations “

Among those 39 dwarfs , sat a midget , who had earlier called Narendra Modi , “ Impotent “

Little realizing that he would himself , be playing that role when election dust settles !

Never before in the history of India , have so few inflicted so much misery on so many – and for so long !

It is high time the dwarfs fade away from our collective memory  !

*   hemen  Parekh  ( 21 May 2014 / Mumbai )


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