A New Way for E-Way ?

A  New  Way  to  E-Way ?


Economic Times ( 14 July ) carries following news report :


“ Govt Bets Big on Tech to Ensure E-way Bill Does Not Bring Back Inspector Raj “


The proposed e-way bill for moving goods within the country would rely heavily on technology, employing RFID chips and QR codes, to ensure that monitoring of goods movement does not bring back inspector raj and slow down goods traffic on highways, officials said.

The e-way bill is proposed as a permit of sorts in electronic format, which will have details of the goods carried on a vehicle.



“Effort is to have high technology interface,” said a government official, adding that it would ensure that all data regarding an e-way bill is captured on it.



Having it embedded on RFID chip or a QR code will help in checking these in a non-intrusive manner without holding up a vehicle.



” These would be checked with hand-held devices or RFID chip readers,”  the official said.

A group of officers from state and union finance ministry will work on the tech and design of e-way bill, the person said.



According to the proposed framework, GST Network will generate e-way bills that will remain valid for one to 15 days, depending on the transport distance.



One-day permit will be for a distance up to 100 km while a 15-day permit will allow more than 1,000 km transit, as per the proposed law.



A tax officer can intercept any conveyance to verify the e-way bill or the physical goods for all inter-state and intra-state movement of goods


Rules governing the e-way bill have not yet been approved by the GST Council and are expected to be taken up when it meets next month on August 5.

Express Industry Council of India (EICI), which represents small and large express delivery service companies engaged in domestic and international door to door transport services of parcels and documents, had expressed concerns about it, saying it could prove a logistical challenge.

My request / suggestion to GST Council :


  • Aim to turn India’s highways into friction-less “ Conveyor Belts of Commerce “


  • Look up conveyor belts in the warehouses of Amazon / Flipkart / UPS / FedEx etc , which carry hundreds of packages per minute – with each package carrying dozens of different items ( can we replace “ packages “ with TRUCKS and “ conveyor belts “ with HIGHWAYS ? )


  • Each item within each box , has RFID chip and QR code ( interlinked )


  • Sensors placed along the conveyor belt “ reads “ each package and each item inside each package . No need to stop the flow of the packages


  • E-way Bill too , will have all the QR Codes / RFID data , of each item loaded onto the truck ( Price / Origin City / Destination City / Supplier with GSTN registration number / Recipient with his GSTN registration number / GST – ISGST – SGST amount for each item / Date of Dispatch / Validity of E Way Bill etc )


  • Just like today’s Mobile Apps of UPS / FedEx enable online tracking of each package and of individual items within each package , that “ high technology interface “ being proposed by the Government should incorporate the following technologies :


#   QR code / RFID chip


#   GPS based NaviC



#   Internet of Things ( IoT )


#   Internet of Vehicles ( IoV )



#   BlueTooth / NFC


Dear Members of GST Council :


Here is YOUR opportunity to lead the way ( – in this case , the HIGHWAY ! )


There is no technical reason why Software Super Power India , cannot lead the world in ,

“ Ease of Doing Business “


If you guarantee the business / industry that “ NO INSPECTOR “ will stop the truck along its journey , they will willingly implement ANY / ALL technologies to serve the purpose of E Way Bill


Remember , all corruption starts by permitting HUMANS to “ interpret “ whether a given process was “ correct / incorrect “ as prescribed – and collect their “ hafta “ for offering to interpret it in favour of the Business / Industry , violating the process !


By implementing my suggestion

( Internet of Vehicles  /  https://myblogepage.blogspot.in/2017/07/fast-forward-to-iov.html  ),

technology will SHUT DOWN the truck engine , upon detection of a violation !


And automatically unlock the engine when the violation gets corrected by EDITING the E-Way Bill , on GSTN web site !


16  July  2017

www.hemenparekh.in / blogs



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