Dragging our feet in 21st Century ?

Can  Supreme  Stop  This  ?


Times of India ( 26 July ) carries following report :



“ First US co puts chips in workers “


On August 1 , employees at Three Square Market , a technology company in the US can choose to have a chip , the size of a grain of rice , injected between their thumb and index finger


Once that is done, any task involving RFID ( radio frequency identification ) technology – swiping into the office building, paying for food in the cafeteria – can be accomplished with a wave of the hand


Alessandro Acquisti  , a professor of IT and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College , says ,


“ Technology designed for one purpose may later be used for another , A micro-chip implanted to allow for easy building access could , in theory , be used later , for example , to track the length of employees’ lunch breaks , without their knowledge “


Todd Westby, the chief executive of Three Square, emphasized that the chip’s capabilities were limited.

“ It’s not a GPS tracking device . Your cellphone does 100 times more reporting of data than does an RFID chip “



I had described a similar experiment , under way at the Belgian firm , NewFusion , in my earlier blog :


Internet  of  Humans  [  09  Feb  2017  ]



With the raging debate ( in the Supreme Court and the popular media ) re the “ Right to Privacy “ , there is no chance that this chip implant technology will find its way to India , any time soon


But as Todd Westby hinted :



Marking attendance using a Smart Phone , is a “ No Brainer “  !


To know how this can be done , read :


From  BAD  to  MAD  ( 01  Jan  2016  )



“ HOW “ part is no Rocket Science !


Prepare to be amazed by the WHY , as explained by me , in this blog !


If Mukesh Ambani were to read this , he would make “ Attendance Recording  App “ , a built-in feature of his about to be released JIO ( 4G ) phone ( HR managers would endorse this )


That would persuade  millions of Indian Employers to fork out Rs 1500 deposit , and give  these  JIO phones to ALL of their employees  !


Wrong Question :  “ Can Supreme stop this ? “


Right  Question  :   “ Should Supreme resist this or direct the Central Government to

implement this Mobile App based Attendance Recording System ? “


27  July  2017

www.hemenparekh.in / blogs


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