Simultaneous  Polls  :  Public  Discourse

Simultaneous  Polls  :  Public  Discourse


Times of India ( 03 Aug ) carries following news report :


“ Take issue of simultaneous polls to people , Modi tells MPs “


PM Narendra Modi again stressed on holding Lok Sabha and assembly polls in states simultaneously and asked BJP MPs on Wednesday to create an environment for a public discourse on the issue.


“Political leaders should discuss with people the issue of simultaneous elections of Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies as frequent polls lead to huge wastage of time and money ,“ the PM told the MPs on Wednesday.


Even Niti Aayog has suggested a synchronised two-phase LS and assembly polls from 2024 to ensure minimum “ campaign-mode “ disruption to governance.


The Think tank had asked the Election Commission to look into the suggestion. A report in this regard needs to be finalised within six months and the final blue-print will be ready by next March, it said.



In case , MPs / MLAs are looking for a more specific / step – by – step / detailed , ROAD MAP on ,


  • How to obtain Voter Feedback  on this reform ,



they may want to look up my following email ( sent to them earlier ) :


And as far as “ Educating “ the public is concerned , MPs / MLAs will find answers to all the FAQ (  Frequently Asked Questions  ), in my 34 blogs ( also sent to them earlier as Emails ) , at :


Reforming Elections and Lok Sabha ( REaL ) ( 20  Dec  2016 )



04  Aug  2017 / blogs



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