No Rocket Science , this !

This  will  take  Ages  !


Hindustan Times ( 11 Dec ) carries following news report :


“ Haven’t paid traffic fines ? Cops to send challan at your doorstep “


Police to tie-up with postal service, aim to collect fines for 7.5 lakh traffic violations


Summary :


  • The Mumbai traffic police’s SMS challan hit a roadblock as only 50,000 out of the 8 lakh violators have paid the fine since January


  • The glitch forced the police to look for temporary measures – such as sending paper challans to the offender through courier or summon them to chowkies to pay up – before alternative arrangements are made


There is only one “ Alternative Arrangement “ that will work :


  • Perfectly


  • Every time


  • Without human intervention


And the beauty of this alternative is that , the violator will pay the fine , using a Mobile App-cum-Mobile Wallet ( FinePay ? ), within seconds of getting that SMS on his mobile !


How come ?

  • When a driver jumps a red light, Traffic Police SMS ( delivered on FinePay ) will read :


“ If you do not pay up the fine ( using FinePay’s mobile wallet feature ) within next 10 minutes , your

#    car speed will reduce to 5 Km per hour

#    car horn will keep blowing

#    tail lights will keep flashing

#    car A/c will shut down

#    car , itself will get immobilized after 10 minutes !


Everything will return to normal , as soon as you pay up through FinePay


Once you pay up , the server of the Traffic Police will acknowledges the receipt and “ un-lock “ the car engine , so that it will re-start  !


Is  this possible  ?


  • Absolutely !


From Jan 2018 , all cars will be pre-installed with an RFID micro-sensors , for the

purpose of automatic toll-collection ( without human intervention )


These RFID sensor will be linked to the owner’s Aadhar ID and his Bank Account number , to facilitate automatic deduction of toll


Nothing stops our brilliant IT geeks / engineers , to link-up that RFID sensor with the FinePay mobile app ( through which , the traffic police will deliver the SMS )


For further reference , read :


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Can We Survive This ?

2019  :  Nightmare  Year  ?



In his book “ 1984 “ ,George Orwell imagined the nightmare of the State surveillance of private lives of the citizens of the World


I envisage year 2019 as a nightmare year for the politicians of India


Look at following news appearing in today’s Times of India :



“ Govt to set up 12 spl courts to try 1,581 MPs and MLAs “


Highlights :


  • 228………. Members of Parliament to be tried in two special courts


  • 13,500 … Approx number of total pending cases


  • 1,125 ….. Number of cases that each special court will have to decide in a year


  • 242…….. Number of days trial courts normally function in a year


  • 6……… Ave number of cases per day, each special court will have to dispose off




I assume that ,



  • it will be May 2018 , by the time these Special Courts start working – more than 4 YEARS after the Supreme Court directed the Centre to set up these courts


  • these “ Super Efficient “ courts will refuse to grant any “ Postponement Dates “ to the accused and not only conclude within ONE HOUR ( whether the accused was guilty or not ) but also announce the VERDICT , on the spot ( remember , 6 cases / day ? )


  • there cannot be any “ Appeal “ against the judgements of these special courts


  • some 365 MPs / MLAs ( out of those 1581 accused ) will be found GUILTY



  • the Speakers of the Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha , will get court order copies within 7 days


  • the Speakers will disqualify , within 7 days , those MPs / MLAs who are declared guilty and who have been handed out sentences of 5 years or more


  • the Election Commission will receive these “ Disqualification Notifications “ in 7 days


  • the Election Commission will announce re-election dates within 30 days for seats falling vacant


  • these Elections will start from Dec 2018 and stretch throughout 365 days of 2019



  • to ensure proper / timely availability of Election officers / police / EVMs / polling booths / presiding officers / school-teachers / transport etc , spread over 28 States , no more than ONE ELECTION will be conducted PER DAY ( – for each of 365 days of 2019 ! )


I had envisaged this scenario , as far back as MAY  2014 , in :


All Seasons Are Election Seasons


2019 will be a nightmare year , not only for the politicians but also for the voters !


But it will be a bonanza year for :


  • Newspapers ( Advt earnings )


  • Outdoor Publicity Companies ( Hoardings )


  • Helicopter Companies ( to ferry candidates / campaigners )


  • Truck Rental Companies ( to ferry voters )


  • Event Management Companies ( organizing Sabhas / Rallies )


  • Printing Presses ( printing of pamphlets / brochures / posters )….etc


Karl Marx may have said , ” Religion the is the opium of Masses ”

In India , it seems , ” Elections are the opium of the Masses ” !


In 2019 , expect  DEMOCRACY  to  be working  24*365 !


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Need to work at Warp Speed !

Why  60  Days  ?  Can  Be  in  10  !



Times of India ( 10 Dec ) carries following news report :


“ Online Building Approval System to cover 500 Cities “

All the 500 cities covered under Atal Mission for Urban Rejuvenation (AMRUT) will introduce online building approval system in the next one year, housing and urban affairs minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Tuesday.


Currently, this facility for citizens is available only in Delhi and Mumbai where the period for sanctioning building plan has reduced to 60 days.


Under the online system, an applicant just has to fill one centralised form and the application is automatically forwarded to the agencies concerned like the municipality, water supply agency and fire department.


Since there is no physical interaction between the applicant and government officials, there is hardly any scope of paying a bribe.


“The agencies concerned have to approve or give the reason for not approving the plans.


This system is transparent. The online system minimises hassles that people face. States like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have delegated the power of giving environmental clearance for buildings up to certain coverage area to local authorities. We expect more states will follow suit,” said a housing ministry official.

Since the online building permit system started in Mumbai, the number of procedures from beginning to the end has been reduced from 42 to only eight and in Delhi, these have come down from earlier 29 procedures to only eight.

Similarly, the number of days for completing the process has been reduced to 60 in both cities in comparison to the earlier practice of nearly six months in Mumbai and over seven months in Delhi.



Dear Shri Hardeep Singh Puriji  ,



Imagine this scenario :


India’s rank on “ Ease of Doing Business “ moves up from current 100 to 50 , in 2018 !


It is possible if your Ministry fully implements my following suggestion ( – now, only partly implemented ) , sent to the Cabinet , TWO YEARS ago ( 04 Nov 2015 ) :





E-Delivery of Services to Construction Industry



Here is how :



*  All builders / developers must register on Municipal Web sites and obtain




*  Builders must fill in online, on web site of concerned Municipality, a form :





*  Building Permit Application Form will have a STANDARD FORMAT , into

which applicant will need to submit exhaustive details re the project


This will include detailed Floor Plans and Structural Drawings , along with

names / contact details of Architects / Structural Engineers etc


The FORM will require slab-casting dates for each slab and the final

completion date when builder will apply for Occupation Certificate


*  The Form will have a section called





Builder would be required to tick YES / NO against each item as shown :



Does your proposed Building / Structure / Project , satisfy the criteria /

notifications / regulations , issued by the concerned Ministries in respect

of :



#   Built-up Area……….. ( YES ) / ( NO )


#   Height Restriction


#   Fire Fighting


#   Water Harvesting


#   Roof-top Solar Power


#   Effluent Treatment


#   Garbage Disposal


#   Earthquake Resistant Structural Design…………..etc




Clicking on each item will reveal the relevant ” Notification / Regulation ” issued by the concerned Ministry



To make the process absolutely fool-proof , the form will insist on an ” Electronic Signature ” of the applicant






” I declare that I have read each and every notification / regulation , listed   in respect of items mentioned above


I further declare that I explicitly agree to abide by these regulations


I am aware that Occupation Certificate will not be granted if my completed project is found to be in violation of any of these notifications / regulations


I will not allow any person / entity to occupy any part of this premises , until and unless , Municipality issues to me , the Occupation Certificate


If Municipality finds any violations , I agree to rectify the same before applying for a fresh Occupation Certificate


If Municipality is not in a position to issue Occupation Certificate due to any

violations which simply cannot be rectified , then I will demolish the said building / project / structure  on my own and before such demolition , refund with interest , payments collected from the buyers


The plot of land is free from any encumbrances / litigations


I am not in default of any loans taken from any bank / individuals


I will not accept any payment in cash , nor make cash payments


I absolve the Municipal Corporation of any liability arising out of non completion of my project


I agree that my Building Permit Application and my Registration Application details , be made accessible to public on your web site , along with full details of my past / current projects and full details of my balance sheet / bank borrowings  ”






As soon as the builder submits the online BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION , it automatically and instantly , appears on the web sites of ALL the concerned Ministries



The concerned officer of each Ministry , makes APPROVED / REJECTED entries in the application form , from the backend



If rejected , he will provide the reasons



Ministry officers are required to carry out this entry , within 24 hours



As soon as an officer of any Ministry makes entry and SUBMITS , the application forms on web sites of ALL Ministries and web site of the concerned Municipality , get updated simultaneously and instantly , making for MIRROR IMAGES at all times



As soon as any entry is made , a copy gets emailed to the applicant builder



Any ” editing ” of the application form by the builder , will start the entire process , all over



Applicant builder will be obliged to display the latest emailed form at the site



The database so created on web sites of ALL Ministries – and concerned Municipality – will be searchable State-wise / City-wise







To speed up any litigation between the parties concerned ( Builder / Buyers / Central & State Govts / Municipality / Bankers etc ) , existing laws may be changed






Every application must be in the open domain and visible to anyone , online and transparently


There should be provision for any visitor of the web site to report any abuse / violation of regulations or any objection to the proposed construction






If such SELF CERTIFICATION process is implemented , it should be possible for India to beat Singapore , where getting 11 approval takes only 26 days !



It would be ZERO days in our case !



Now couple this with abolition of Corporate Income Tax for Construction Industry for the next 10 years and witness a MIRACLE



Then only it would become possible for achieving the following targets set by different States / Centre , under HOUSING  FOR  ALL:



*  Maharashtra………..  5 lakh      ( By 2020 )


*  Gujarat………………. 50 lakh    ( 2013 – 2018 )


*  Centre……………….. 220 lakh   ( by 2022 )



Also imagine :



*   Employment it would generate


*   FDI it would bring in





Need of the hour is :



*   Come out of ” Analysis Paralysis ”


*   Get rid of historical baggage


*   Break free from the legacy of the past


*   Think ” Out of Box ”


*   Take risk without worrying about possible failure


*   Make Course-Corrections , as you learn what mistakes got made




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Hoping against Hope ?

Did  You  Say  “  Mission  Mode  “  ?



In DNA ( 08 Dec 2017 ) , I came across following news :


“ Govt to offer perks to develop private land for cheap homes “


Highlights :


  • Housing shortfall in Maharashtra ………… 19.4  lakh


  • Of this, for EWS & LIG categories………….. 18    lakh


  • Land to be selected by bidding by MHADA


  • EWS =   Annual Income of Rs 3  lakh (  300 sq ft flats  )


  • LIG =   Annual Income of Rs  6 lakh  (  600 sq ft flats  )


  • Land owner can develop affordable houses under the PPP model or on his own


  • FSI = 5


  • Subsidy from Govt under PMAY


  • Land to be free of encumbrances


  • Land should be near a Railway Station / Metro Station / Bus Depot / Schools


  • After land selection, project proposal to be forwarded to Centre for subsidy



I got reminded of what Shri Ravindra Waikar , Minister for Housing , Maharashtra Government , said ( DNA / 16 Aug 2015 ), more than 2 years ago :


”  We want to provide a dream house to everyone by 2020 . We won’t compromise on the quality of construction . It will be at par with that of private builders . We are working on a mission mode ”


That was when I had sent him following suggestion :




Highlights :




*  Carpet Area = 400 sq ft

*  Selling Price = Rs 10 lakhs ( Rs 2,500 / sq ft )





*  Building Clusters to be located on the outskirts of cities ( important )

*  100 Clusters of 50 buildings ( each with 10 floors*10 flats/floor )





*  A Special Purpose Vehicle ( SPV ) , named,

Dream House Private Limited ( DHPL )





*  Infrastructure Industry with 100 % FDI thru automatic route





*   10 % equity by Maha Govt ( in lieu of land )

Maha Govt to pass on this equity to land-owners

*   90 % equity by WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co ( China )





*   Rs 10,000 Crores





*  Acquire land ( under modified Land Acquisition Act ) / hand over to SPV


*  Comprehensive Town Planning of each Cluster like a Smart City


*  Building Design / Drawings / Material Specs


*  Quality Control / Material Testing Lab at each site


*  A Project Monitoring Team at each site / Use of PERT


*  Site surveillance using CCTV cameras


*  Make available land for setting up 3D House Printing factories


*  Interconnection of site offices with HQ , thru VPN


*  Blanket permissions ( IOD / NOC etc ) issued in advance


*  OC based on certification from Site Project Manager


*  Maintenance of flats thru Coop Societies of each cluster





*   Neither SPV , nor Maha Govt to pay any royalty to WinSun for

transfer of technology


*   Maha Govt to act as the agency for allotment of flats to eligible public

in Maharashtra thru a ” Lottery System ”


*   Selling Price of flats will be fixed by the Maharashtra Government

once a year , based on a pre-agreed cost – escalation formula, which

will be explained in detail on SPV web site


Calculation of each upward revision shall be made public


*   SPV to hand over possession of flat to the allotee upon receipt of

full payment


*   SPV shall not be permitted direct selling of any flat in Maharashtra


*   SPV would be free to set up factories in other States and be free to

sell flats built there, thru Open Market Sale




#   ROLE  OF  WinSun



*  Setting up of 20 factories for 3D Printing of flats


*  Assembling of 3D printed flats at sites


*  Transfer of 3D house printing technology to Indian project managers /

site engineers / construction workers





*  3D ( house ) Printing Technology developed / patented by WinSun



>    WHY  WinSun  ?


#   On 29 March 2014 , WinSun constructed TEN , 3D printed houses ( 200 sq meter each ) in Shanghai, each costing $ 4,800 ( approx Rs 3 lakh ! )



#    On 17 July 2015 , using its 3D printing technology , WinSun built a 2 storey villa , in just 3 HOURS  !



#    WinSun holds 98 patents for construction materials



#    For 3D printing of houses , WinSun , mostly uses recycled construction materials



#    3D house-printing technology saves,


*  30% -60 % of building materials


*  70 % of production time


*  80 %  of construction cost



#   Egypt Government has placed on WinSun , an order for supplying 20,000 pre-fabricated , 3D printed houses


#   In Egypt , WinSun will establish 12 Dream Factories ( to build pre-fabricated houses ) , within 2 years


These factories will mostly use desert sand as its main construction material , which was found ideal for 3D printing of houses !



#   In next 3 years , WinSun will set up ( in JV with local parties ) , similar factories in 20 countries , including Saudi Arabia , UAE , Qatar , Mexico , S. Korea , Russia , Morocco , Tunisia , and USA



Dear Shri Waikar :



I am glad that a part of my suggestion is under implementation by the Maharashtra Government


I urge you to consider the balance of my suggestions as well



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Turing Test : V 2.0 ?

Google  Getting  Poetic  ?


Yesterday, Google’s AlphaZero AI software learned all the moves of chess within 4 hours and defeated all earlier chess-playing algorithms .


There was also the news ( I hope , it was fake ! ) that someone just developed an AI software that can write its own ( – and , better ) child software !


So , in order to decide how far Google AI has come to replicating “ Human Creativity “ ( supposedly , beyond the capability of any AI software so far ? ) , I decided to carry out following simple test ( – feel free to name it , “  Hemen Hurdle  “ – with apologies to Turing Test )


Below , you will find 3 versions of my poem “ Winds of Time “


The original English version was written by me on 10 Oct 1988


That is followed by my own transliteration ( in HINDI ) of today


Right below that is how GOOGLE TRANSLATE , rendered it from the original English version


I leave it to the readers to decide which one is “ creative “ !


Of course , I must admit that it took me close to 20 minutes to translate my own poem , whereas Google took less than one second !


Pasting both the “ Hindi “ versions in Google Translate and asking it to translate back to English , will convince you that Google has still , a long way to go !



Hemen / 11  Dec  2017 /




The Winds of Time


Before the fragrance leaves the flowers

And the sky gives up its colors ,

Let us leave this world

The two of us

Leaving behind, a few
Shrunken , shriveled memories

Like the yellowed leaves of
The Pippul tree –

Will get scattered
Far and wide
By the winds of Time.

The leaves cannot tell
That the Pippul was barren,

Nor can memories echo
The emptiness
Of our lives.

So let us leave,

While we can still
Hear the wind sing
And feel the softness

Of a feather.




समय के समीर !

ना रहे फूलों मे  खुशबू
और आसमान  मे  रंग ,

इससे पहले
छोड़ के इस जहां को
चलो , हम चले
साथ साथ  ;

पीछे छूट जायेगी
रूखी सूखी स्मृतियाँ  ;

पिप्पल के पत्तो की तरह
दूर दूर उड़ जायेगी
समय की सीमाओं के पार  !

पत्ते क्या बता पाएंगे
पिप्पल मे फूल
कभी न आएंगे  ?

हमारे जीवन के
अधूरेपन को
स्मृतिओं से भर पाओगी  ?

तो चलो चले
जब तक हवाओं मे
तेरे मेरे
गीत लहराते है ,

घु घु करते कबूतर के पंख  की
तेरे गालों से
शरमाती है  !





समय की हवाएं




सुगंध फूलों को छोड़ने से पहले

और आकाश अपने रंग को छोड़ देता है,

आइए हम इस दुनिया को छोड़ दें

हम दोनों

साथ में,

पीछे छोड़कर, कुछ

श्रुंकन, सूखा यादें

कौन कौन से

पीले रंग की पत्तियों की तरह

पिप्पल पेड़ –

बिखरे हुए होंगे

दूर और व्यापक

समय की हवाओं के द्वारा


पत्ते नहीं बता सकते

कि Pippul बंजर था,

न ही यादें गूंजती हैं


हमारी ज़िन्दगियों का।


तो हमें छोड़ दें

जबकि हम अभी भी कर सकते हैं

हवा गाओ सुनो

और कोमलता महसूस करें


एक पंख में



Bitcoin Bubble ?

Bursting  Bitcoin  Bubble  ?


Even as a government committee is debating the issue of Bitcoin ( to be or not to be ? ) and even as RBI keeps issuing warnings to the public re the “ Illegal Status “ of the Bitcoin, here is a way to burst the Bitcoin Bubble


A news appearing in today’s Economic Times , reads :


“ Mega Bitcoin Gains Come with Megabyte Tax “


S Shridhar, an engineer working at an American IT company in Bengaluru, sold about 20 bitcoins on Friday following Reserve Bank of India warnings against trading in virtual currencies and a fall in its value, only to be told by his tax adviser that he could be in trouble.

The 36-year-old engineer and his advisers are now trying to figure out whether his return from the trade — which Shridhar transferred to his bank account — will be taxed and by how much.

Sridhar is one among a rising number of individuals in the country rushing to sell their bitcoin holdings even as there is no clarity on the tax implication on these investments.

Experts said returns from bitcoins could attract 20-30% tax, depending on whether they are categorised as business income or capital gains.


“In case anyone sells bitcoins, the gains would definitely attract taxation, depending on his intent to categorise the gains either as business income or capital gains,” said Jeenendra Bhandari, partner at tax advisory firm MGB.


“There is no specific amendment to income tax law required to determine bitcoin taxability,” he said.
Experts said the tax department could categorise money from selling bitcoins as business income.


“Active trading could also make it liable to be treated as speculative business, attracting regular tax rates,” said Amit Maheshwari, partner at Ashok Maheshwary & Associates LLP Chartered Accountants.


Alternatively, revenue officers could levy long-term or short-term capital gains tax on bitcoin returns.
“If anyone is selling bitcoins and the money comes in his bank account, this would attract either long-term capital gain tax or short-term capital gain tax, depending on the holding period,” Maheshwari said.

Long-term capital gains tax at 20% would be levied if bitcoins were held for at least 36 months. In all other cases, short-term capital gains tax at 30% would be applicable, he said.

According to exchanges and agents helping Indians buy and sell bitcoins, there has been a rush in the last few days to sell them, leading to a crash in the value of the digital currency used for online transactions but not authorised by any central bank or monetary authority.

One reason for that is a fresh warning issued by RBI on Wednesday reminding investors that it has not authorised any entity to deal in bitcoins and that any investor or trader dealing with virtual currencies “will be doing so at their own risk”.

With the advance tax deadline on December 15, bitcoin investors and their tax advisers are working out how to deal with returns on investments in the crypto-currency.

There is also a fear that it may attract indirect tax, that is, goods and services tax (GST).

While most tax experts said GST may not be levied, there is a fear that some officers may insist on this going ahead.
“There won’t be GST on buying bitcoins as it is like buying USD or pounds from a forex dealer,” said Bhandari of MGB. “But the transaction fee for purchase or sale of bitcoins or the underlying transaction for which it is used will be liable to GST.”

Many tax advisers are asking their clients to desist from transferring money received in their wallets after selling bitcoins to their bank accounts.


But this is just a temporary solution as the money will automatically be transferred after three months.




I hope , no IT officer , in his enthusiasm , sends tax payment notice to persons who have deposited their sale-proceeds ( from selling of Bitcoins ) in their bank accounts


Sending a tax notice, could amount to “ legitimizing “ the Bitcoin !


Levying a GST ( even at  50 % ) , would confer legitimacy to Bitcoin  !


On the contrary , since RBI has declared Bitcoin as “ Illegal “ , that entire sale-proceed must also be treated as “ Illegal “ – and CONFISCATED !


That should burst the Bitcoin Bubble  !


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How ” Smart ” ?

Smart  Meter :  No  Pending  Payments ?



Writing in Economic Times ( 08 Dec /  Govt to rope in Telcos for Smart Meter Connectivity ) , Nishtha Saluja , describes a “ Smart Meter “ as follows :


“ A smart meter is a new kind of Electricity meter that can automatically send meter readings to the power supplier for billing and help consumers better understand their energy usage “


On same day , Hindustan Times carried a news report titled :


“ Centre, States to implement DBT scheme in power sector “


Power Minister, Shri R K Singh said :


“ There is no such thing as free electricity . Any subsidy you want to give to any category of consumers, it has to be direct benefit transfer ( DBT ) . That is something which we have agreed. We will bring it into the law .


To improve efficiency and reduce losses, the Union and the State governments will be leveraging technology for 100 % metering and doing away with any human interface in consumer facing functions such as metering , billing and collections


These steps will require amendments in the Electricity Act of 2003 “


Now , this statement must be viewed in the context of what Shri Narendra Modi said while launching “ Saubhagya “ scheme , a few weeks ago , viz :


“Named Saubhagya, which means “good luck” in Hindi, the scheme’s mission is to ensure all Indians have electricity by the end of 2018.


This will involve the electrification of more than 40 million households and is estimated to cost approximately $2.5 billion USD.”


{  }


Congratulations , Shri Singh  !


But , if you really want to “ DO AWAY WITH ANY HUMAN INTERFACE “ , I urge you to ensure that those “ Smart Meters “ that you plan to install at those 40 million households , conform to the following “ Specifications “ :


*         It will be a Tablet look-alike device



  • It will show daily – weekly – monthly , power consumption of the premises



  • It will show the “ average / highest / lowest “ monthly consumption



  • It will also show how many UNITS remain to his BALANCE , at any given time



  • It will show a GRAPH comparing consumptions during any two “ periods “



  • It will have facility to enter ( type in ) , customer’s Aadhar Number ( of course, linked

to his Bank Account Number )



  • After login ( using biometric identification of Finger + Iris + Voice ) , customer can “

Re-charge “ his “ Account “ with ( say ) , Rs 1,000 / – at the beginning, using the

built-in Virtual Keyboard ( Device will have built-in camera )



  • When the “ balance “ to his credit falls to ( say ) Rs 100 / – , an alarm will ring and

he will also get Email / SMS / WhatsApp reminder



  • If he fails to “ Re-Charge “ his account , power will get disconnected upon the

balance falling to Rs 10/-  !



  • Power will start flowing again as soon as consumer “ re-charges “ through device



Read further details :


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